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self-portrait cover
Art every day in 2016

Is it possible, while still working full-time, to spend time every day on a creative project? For years, I asked myself that question...

Small wave
The wave

My conversation with a seasoned artist yesterday revolved around the topic of making a living and finding time for the art we so enjoy...

Desk top painting
A Beautiful Stand Up Desk

If you come by my site regularly, you might remember a similar post last year. Somehow, it was lost following technical issues...


Are you inspired by quotes? I would love to know what some of your favorites are. Drop me a line in the comment section!...

Heading to Calderon park
Delight in the every day

The sketchbook I carry with me every day is a way for me to record memories and thoughts I might want to revisit for projects...

quena flute
Cultivating novelty

Seeking novelty involves embracing change. In my experience, it's a conscious choice, rather than something that occurs by happenstance...

At a café, in Cuenca (Ecuador)
A peek inside my sketchbook: Cuenca, Ecuador

As my husband and I travel, one of my goals is to keep a sketchbook of our trip. Sketching regularly is new to me. I've always written and drawn, but very sporadically. It's not easy to set aside some time to sit still. Do one thing every...

Street Art — in Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca, Ecuador is an outdoor canvas for a wide variety of graffiti which transforms empty cement walls into bright displays and gives character to otherwise plain buildings....

Escape artist

I've talked about home, exploration and novelty. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here's a video to show you where my husband and I are going....